Random video clips are always fun (DivX or XviD unless otherwise noted).

Shepard Smith's J-Lo slip-up on FOX News (1MB; asf)
George W. Bush Invigorating America's Youth and the followup (2MB, 5.6MB; real)
See Jim Carrey Ride the Snake in SNL's Jimmy Tango's Fatbusters skit (11MB)
Look what happens when you get too fancy with yer footwork while smushin grapes! (3.2MB)
Watch the sword mastery on QVC (2MB)
Vin Diesel introducing The Chronicles Of Riddick on some random MTV show (1.2MB)
James Brown in some old interview (3.5MB; wmv)
Here's a presentation for Rockwell Automation's Retro-Encabulator ;) (6.7MB)
When doing backflips, land on feet, not on face (1.3MB; qt)
Dubya on the profession of OB/GYN. love, love, LOVE! </mysonchad> (500KB; wmv)
Everybody was ice-wax fighting! (4.2MB)
Let's not forget the "Bitches Come!" bit from xXx... ;) (1.2MB)
An MST3K classic: Mike Nelson as Michael Feinstein at the end of Gamera vs. Guiron. Boo, it says! (17MB)

Family Guy:
  "A Hero Sits Next Door" - Jesus loves me, he loves me a bunch... (1.1MB)
  "A Hero Sits Next Door" - Just last week someone lost an i at bingo! (650KB)
  "Brian: Portrait Of A Dog" - Brian's favorite commercial (1.4MB)
  "Brian In Love" - Noone likes Peter's big green foam hat (1.4MB)
  "Brian In Love" - Now there's a fine selection of toilet training books (1.2MB)
  "Brian In Love" - The rules of golf (750KB)
  "Dammit Janet" - Bring me a tool shed, for I am hungry! (1MB)
  "Dammit Janet" - Lois, you can't quit! What if Kurt Cobain had quit? (1MB)
  "Death Has A Shadow" - Don't touch the thermostat (1.1MB)
  "E. Peterbus Unum" - You should donate your body to science (1.1MB)
  "E. Peterbus Unum" - Crisis In Quahog: Operation Desert Clam (2.3MB)
  "European Road Show" - German history between 1939 and 1945 (4.3MB)
  "Fore Father" - Peter teaching Chris some responsibility (1.5MB)
  "He's Too Sexy For His Fat" - Most ticks (900KB)
  "Holy Crap" - Got Milk? (650KB)
  "Holy Crap" - The most reckless thing Peter's ever done (1.4MB)
  "Husband, Father, Brother" - Dennis Miller going on a rant (1MB)
  "Husband, Father, Brother" - Peter's Irish heritage (3.7MB)
  "Husband, Father, Brother" - Hey, you're that black guy I saw on tv (1MB)
  "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar" - Why do women have boobs? (2.2MB)
  "I Never Met The Dead Man" - Peter's favorite show, Star Trek (1MB)
  "I Never Met The Dead Man" - An away mission with ensign Ricky (850KB)
  "I Never Met The Dead Man" - And finally... William Shatner (850KB)
  "The King Is Dead" - Peter searching for his creativity (1.4MB)
  "The Kiss Seen Around The World" - Hey kids, remember - Mr. T says "I pity the fool who does drugs!" (1.6MB)
  "The Kiss Seen Around The World" - Fun with plastic disc guns (1MB)
  "The Kiss Seen Around The World" - Tom Tucker practicing the president's death (650KB)
  "The Kiss Seen Around The World" - Peter confused about Meg (1.8MB)
  "Lethal Weapons" - Jets suck, Yankees suck, Knicks suck. Krypton sucks. (3.8MB)
  "Lethal Weapons" - A white man's dialog in a Spike Lee movie (650KB)
  "Let's Go To The Hop" - The breakfast club (950KB)
  "Let's Go To The Hop" - A girl answered a math problem, you know what that means! (1.3MB)
  "Love Thy Trophy" - So, this is where babies come from? (1.5MB)
  "Mr. Griffin Goes To Washington" - Peter reciting all 50 states in a quarter of a second (750KB)
  "Mr. Griffin Goes To Washington" - Imagine me, president! (500KB)
  "Mr. Saturday Knight" - Peter's new job (2.3MB)
  "Mr. Saturday Knight" - The blackie weather forecast (360KB)
  "One If By Clam, Two If By Sea" - A serial arsonist? Good, Good. (4.2MB)
  "Road To Rhode Island" - Oh, you speak english (1.3MB)
  "Running Mates" - Peter remade as the six million dollar man (1MB)
  "The Story On Page 1" - Meg has no future (3.9MB)
  "The Story On Page 1" - Neil washing his retainer (700KB)
  "The Story On Page 1" - The secret life of Ricky Martin (1.5MB)
  "The Story On Page 1" - Peter talking with some kids about the afterlife (2MB)
  "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" - Awe, Stewie bumped his head :~( (550KB)
  "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" - Howie Mandel lightening the mood (1.4MB)
  "There's Something About Paulie" - A mob hit on Lois? Hm, who to thank... (2.0MB)
  "Viewer Mail" - The secret life of Kelly Ripa (1.2MB)
  "Wasted Talent" - Oh my god! Jimmy, what happened? (1.9MB)
  "Wasted Talent" - When I was your age, we had way better drinkin' games! (1.8MB)

  "When Aliens Attack" - Single Female Lawyer (23MB)
  "Brannigan, Begin Again" - Bender, the lovable rascal. (2.1MB)
  "Brannigan, Begin Again" - Zapp, swinging the olive branch of peace. (6.5MB)
  "A Head in the Polls" - The Scary Door: Solitude (6.8MB)
  "A Head in the Polls" - Dudes for the Legalation of Hemp (974KB)
  "Raging Bender!" - Hermes and his brainslug (2.2MB)
  "A Clone of My Own" - A successor to the professor? (3.6MB)
  "A Clone of My Own" - Young people use curse words! (13MB)
  "Anthology of Interest: I" - Good 'ole dull as dishwater Leela! (46MB)
  "War is the H-Word" - Forced through a fine mesh screen for your planet. (692KB)
  "War is the H-Word" - The key to victory? Surprise! (1.2MB)
  "War is the H-Word" - Bender's top ten. (3.8MB)
  "War is the H-Word" - Oh god, I've never been so happy to be beaten up by a woman! (6.3MB)
  "The Cryonic Woman" - Look, some little kids, they'll save us! (1.1MB)
  "Amazon Women in the Mood" - c.o.l.a, cola (5.9MB)
  "Amazon Women in the Mood" - Amy, take off your pants and dance around a little! (4.1MB)
  "Amazon Women in the Mood" - Zoidberg's summer guy shell. (4.5MB)
  "Amazon Women in the Mood" - Oh god, yer killing me. (1.5MB)
  "Amazon Women in the Mood" - The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised. (2.1MB)
  "I Dated a Robot" - Parallel Bender and his cowboy hat. (2.8MB)
  "I Dated a Robot" - Don't Date Robots! (13MB)
  "I Dated a Robot" - The best movie ever. (795KB)
  "I Dated a Robot" - The Scary Door: Hitler (6.4MB)
  "30% Iron Chef" - Brunch is served. Fleeing somewhere?! (26MB)
  "30% Iron Chef" - Fry hates bottles! (3.0MB)
  "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" - Youthasizing, a trendy new spa treatment (this season's shark cartilage enema). (23MB)
  "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" - You are now entering forbidden space. (2.7MB)
  "The Farnsworth Parabox" - Put on pants Zoidberg! (6.4MB)

The Venture Bros.:
  "Ghosts of the Sargasso" - Get off that man before he kills all of ya! (3.5MB)
  "Ghosts of the Sargasso" - Sit on my lap son, it's story time. (2.7MB)
  "Ghosts of the Sargasso" - Alright, this is just getting downright spooky! (2.3MB)
  "Ghosts of the Sargasso" - Ya live by the ghost, ya die by the ghost! (3MB)
  "Ghosts of the Sargasso" - Tom, yer dead. (1.8MB)
  "Mid-life Chrysalis" - The seductive Dr. Girlfriend. (3.3MB)
  "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean." - Hank, I'm your real father! (2.1MB)
  "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean." - The living nerve center of the Monarch's ominous body! (3.1MB)
  "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean." - A giant spider in the cocoon? (2.8MB)
  "Tag-Sale, You're It!" - That's the guy from Depeche Mode! (5.2MB)
  "Tag-Sale, You're It!" - When the sun sleeps, the wolves begin to howl! (2.7MB)
  "Tag-Sale, You're It!" - I just looked in the hole, it's horrible! (2.9MB)
  "Trial of the Monarch" - The Monarch has been systematically feeding babies to mutated puppies. (2.5MB)
  "Trial of the Monarch" - Do you like being a liar Hank? (540KB)
  "Trial of the Monarch" - Flight of the Monarch: a mean little tell-all book filled with nothing but lies and pictures of also lies. (2.5MB)
  "Trial of the Monarch" - Phantom limb, pounding his invisible meat. (2.7MB)
  "Trial of the Monarch" - Look out! Dr. O. had Taco Bell for lunch! (1.5MB)
  "Trial of the Monarch" - This place is crawling with strangers! (1.4MB)
  "Return to Spider-Skull Island" - Two rednecks and their "local color". ;) (1.9MB)
  "Return to Spider-Skull Island" - I just sold you for a cigarette and I don't smoke! (2.6MB)
  "Return to Spider-Skull Island" - Hank Venture, you're becoming an extra bad person! (1.9MB)

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